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Experienced Nurserymen and Propagators

For almost two decades, Old Courthouse Nursery has built a reputation as an industry leader in the ornamental plant industry. We have developed our niche and built our network by matching our production to our customers' needs and supporting growers from GA to NY. They know they will get top quality plants for field planting and potting up when it is time to plant: Our production feeds their production and we rely on one another to grow plants and our businesses. 

Since branching out into CBD hemp production three years ago, we have been applying that same grower focused business model and production scheduling to our CBD hemp production.  Our experience, knowledge and propagation/growing skills allow us to produce top quality CBD hemp plants for farmers and growers who are licensed to participate in hemp pilot programs.

We have done an extensive amount of propagation to feed our own ornamental production for years and have learned to root a wide range of species and plant types. We did NOT decide to be propagators when hemp came on the scene in the last couple years like many other hemp producers. We used our knowledge and years of experience as nurserymen and propagators to learn the Cannabis plant and then scaled our production up from there.

This article from Nursery Management Pro is the summary of an interview with Old Courthouse Nursery's General Manager Jeff Allegood.  He discusses how Old Courthouse got involved in the hemp industry and talks about the challenges of navigating the "big, expensive experiment" that  CBD hemp production is in NC at this point . https://www.nurserymag.com/article/old-courthouse-nursery-cbd-hemp/ 

To learn more about our company and see how we do things, visit our nursery website at: www.oldcourthousenurserync.com



Our Hemp Plants

We will be focusing our production on 72 count DEEP, bottomless trays (1.56" width x 3" depth plugs) this spring. These trays have vertical channels on the sides to route roots downward and the open bottoms allow roots that reach the bottom of the tray to be air root pruned instead of circling and causing issues after planting. We worked with the manufacturer to convert their 72ct trays we used last year to be bottomless to better address potential root issues.

We chose this tray to maximize root mass but still be sized to where they can fit through most standard mechanical planters. After trying  numerous types of rooting media, we landed on a peat and perlite mix that the plants propogate well in and will also transplant well to field soils. 

 Contact us for more info about sizes of specific crops or for more information on future crops.

If you are comparing our products and prices to other growers, make sure you consider the quality and mass of the root system.  Root issues have been one of the most prominent problems with field growers the last few years. 

Our plants also get a steady supply of beneficial insects released on them, are fertilized with liquid fertigation and are sprayed periodically with non toxic chemicals to prevent fungus and pest issues.  

You might find cheaper alternatives, but we don't think you will find a better value on CBD hemp plants than we offer at Old Courthouse Nursery 


Current and Future Plans

We are currently set up to sell clones of the following varieties: BaOX, T1, Cherry B, Berry Blossom, Sweetened, Cherry Mom and Therapy (more detailed descriptions of some of these varieties are listed after the pricing page) . 

We are mainly focusing production on BaOX and Sweetened because they are the most likely to make a viable yield/crop even if they are harvested early to keep them compliant under the new USDA total THC requirements.  

**Note: It is up to the grower to monitor THC levels and determine their own harvest time**


SPRING 2020 Hemp Plant Pricing

25% DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO PLACE ORDERS, 25% DUE BEFORE CUTTINGS ARE STUCK AND THE REMAINING BALANCE (50%) IS DUE AT PICK UP/DELIVERY. SHIP DATE WILL BE SET WHEN DEPOSIT IS PAID so we will know when to stick cuttings for your order. First to give deposit for a specific date is first in line for that crop. Please call to discuss details of orders.

Hemp Variety Descriptions

As it stands now, NC will be operating under the pilot program rules again for 2020 and all of the varieties we offer will pass their current testing (if you call in for testing early on in flowering like you are supposed to). However, if we shift to the new USDA rules or buyers require flower that will pass the new USDA rules then these varieties we offer will probably NOT pass AT MATURITY. 

Due to the restraints of the new requirements, we are focusing most of our production on BaOX and Sweetened because they can be harvested before maturity and come in under the USDA limits but still have enough yield and CBD levels high enough to make them viable. Sweetened does not test as high on CBD but is a vigorous grower and is relatively low on total THC even at maturity so harvesting it early will allow it to be compliant. BaOX is our highest testing variety as far as CBD so it can be harvested early and still have a good amount of CBD.  

**It is up to the individual grower to periodically test and monitor their crops to determine when they should harvest them to meet their own state or federal regulations** 


This is the variety we sold the most of last year and will likely be the main one we do this year as well. In 2019, many growers got letters from NCDA saying they were exempted from testing on this variety because it passed their tests so consistently. It is a very vigorous grower and was planted throughout the state and along the East Coast with good results. 

We hit 17-19% CBD on top cut flower and have heard 12-15% range on biomass levels if flower is allowed to go to full maturity. If harvested early to stay USDA compliant then those levels will be lower but should still be an option to make a viable crop. 

NCDA Total Delta 9 THC Tests:  9/28/18 .1%, 2/7/19 .22%, 2/12/20 .19%

CBD: 15-19% at maturity 


This is another very vigorous and fast growing variety. It doesn't test as high on CBD as BaOX or some of the other varieties but it is also lower on total THC at maturity. This one could be harvested early to remain compliant with USDA rules. 

NCDA Total Delta 9 THC Test: 6/13/19 .2%, 2/5/2020 < .1%

CBD: 9-12% at maturity    


Of all the varieties we have grown this one is the most stout stemmed/framed, had the densest flower and the most distinct smell. The smell and look of the flower makes it a good option for the smokable flower market. It is a slower grower and wants to stay drier, especially on the front end of the growing process, so we would suggest it get planted on well drained, drier land. 

NCDA Total Delta 9 THC Test: 9/28/18 .1%, 2/7/19 .2%, 2/12/20 .24% 

CBD:   12-15% at maturity 

Cherry B

This is a stout framed variety with good vigor that flowers later than the other varieties we offer so it can be planted later into summer.   

NCDA Total Delta 9 THC Test: 9/28/18 <.1% , 3/25/19 .24% , 2/12/2020 .12%

CBD:   Biomass 7-10%


This variety is slower growing and tends to be smaller overall than our other varieties. It will also flower and finish earlier than our other varieties.    

NCDA Total Delta 9 THC Test: 3/12/19 .22% 


Berry Blossom

This variety has a shorter and wider growing habit and good vigor. 

NCDA Total Delta 9 THC Test: 3/25/19 .22% , 2/12/2020 .16% 


Cherry Mom

This is a variety we added more recently and don't have a lot of personal experience with it. It seems to be a slower grower and not the strongest structure. It may be better suited for indoor and greenhouse growing. 

NCDA Total Delta 9 THC Test: 2/12/2020 .16% 

CBD:  We have not flowered this one to maturity 

**Clone producers are required to flower and have NCDA testing done on any varieties that they plan sell clones off of. Even if they have NCDA paperwork from the grower they got their plants from they still have to flower the variety themselves and have an NCDA in their name before they can sell clones . We suggest you make sure other liner suppliers you are considering are compliant with all NCDA testing rules and regulations so that you will be compliant as well. **

Contact Us

Jeff Allegood: General Manager/Sales 910-260-0124

We are striving to learn all we can about hemp production, build a network of reputable growers and help NC be a worldwide leader in CBD hemp production. 

We would love to have some of our plants in your greenhouse or fields. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Old Courthouse Nursery: CBD Hemp Division

323 Old Courthouse Road, Warsaw, NC 28398

Jeff Allegood (910) 260-0124 email: jeffallegood@yahoo.com


 We stay very busy with at the nursery so we can not take visitors without prior notice. Please call ahead if you would like to come by to discuss an order and see the plants we are offering. We are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday-Friday 7:30-4:30   

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